Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tessa the Talented

Dear Tessa,
Thank you for being in my life.
Divine appointments!

Fer Sher

This has been a great week.
This time is a time of beauty.

good conversation
dinner parties
the 1940's

Thursday, February 21, 2013


I spilled tea on my HP and ruined the keyboard a few weeks ago.
Chai and laptops do not mix.
It's not cute.
So now I am using my mom's old Acer Aspire...
I like it though.

I love my classes.
I love learning about soils and having fun labs and meeting new people.
I love wrestling sheep and making wet mount slides and focusing the microscope.
I love taking notes on soil textures and learning about pedons and parent materials.
I love going out to the farm and surrounding areas.
I love, love, love walking to class everyday.
The weather is beautiful, I love my university, and I will make due with what I have.

I seriously am so grateful for everything. I feel like I am right where I belong and wake up each morning feeling so blessed. I can wait. I can wait because I love where I am. I am learning so much and can wait to graduate. I can wait to start my career because I love what I'm learning.
I am just so excited. The weeks are flying by. I don't know how my other classes will be able to top these, but I'm sure they will.
Seriously, so excited.

As I walk to class I think about how some people will never experience this bliss. Some people don't get to go to school. Some people don't even get to feel safe walking to school, or work, or wherever. Some people don't get to see the beautiful sites I get to take soil samples from. In my polysci class I saw a picture of a man in Greece dousing himself with gas and lighting himself on fire. It is so sad because he felt like there was no hope other than to light himself on fire. Like, how bad can life be that you feel so strongly about ending it? Here I am singing to myself on my way to class on a beautiful morning, and there he is lighting himself on fire. It is heartbreaking. There is always hope. Always.

And on that note...

What you've missed:
I started working with GRUB in a community garden, and of course, I love it!
I saw the Sutter Buttes from a ridge and felt proud.
I hit the gym, and LOVE IT, such a nice facility.
Went to see Carley in Redding with Josh.
Let my hens out and they ate all the bugs.
Found Plaid Dragon and her song Dog Physics. On repeat.

backyard garden prospects
love, grace
truth is eolian
seafoam green
farmer's markets
"waves gonna break"
Sufjan Stevens and his banjo
church with Tessa 
so, so, so thankful and happy and blessed and butterflies and fireflies and praise

I can rest again.

My heart feels like that little girl.
I love my house
I love my cat
I love lamp
I love my classes
I love my car
I love my lab groups
I love my boyfriend
I love my waterbottle
I love my mango
I love my little cheap computer
I love sky
I love my now working printer
I love my doorknob
I love ma frend
I love my hens
I love my windchime
I love my bottles
I love my rosemary sitting on the counter
I love my dresses
I love my backpack and thinking about how to make it cute
I love
I love 
I love
I love
I love