Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So I Can Explain?

I've been lost in my classes.
I've been busy irrigating and feeding horses and watering plants.
I've been eating melon and washing my dishes by hand and putting sticks on my wall.
But finals are now, this week, today.
Then summer.

What you've missed;
petty spurge, in my eye.
Jericho biting my finger.
nail in my new tires.
no ceiling fan in 97 degree May days.

Positive things you've missed;
Steph got baptized.
cool agricultural ecology lab trips.
walks to the Saturday farmers market.
hugs from the draft horse at the stables.
great lighting in the kitchen.

high and dry - radiohead
I cut my own hair
Bidwell Park, all the time
new music
salt air
sea gulls