Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm at a coffee shop.

In the past two weeks I have:
Gone to Fort Bragg.
Packed up.
Moved to Chico.
Started Chico State.
Fallen deeper in love.

My house has a lot of quirks. Right now I look like I am chaiing it up, but really I am using the free wifi to post and do homework. I'm reading about really depressing statistics about HIV incidences increasing and life expectancy rates dropping. How does this relate to agricultural ecology? I'm not sure, which is why I am taking the class.
It feels good to be back in the swing of things. I love getting to walk to class. I love living close to campus. I love my classes. I love my major. I love the friends I have already here. I love the idea of making more. I love Chico State and all God is doing here. I love it!
Living on my own (sans roommate) is tough but I think I will get used to it.
Thank God for Netflix and Anouk!

Home - ES&MZ

Oh, yea...I got chickens!
Spartacus, Pantoufle, and X.
Josh named his Spartacus. The name makes me intimidated by her and makes everyone refer to her as "he".
Pantoufle looks like Anouk. I named Anouk after the daughter in Chocolat. Anouk's imaginary kangaroo in the movie is called Pantoufle. In the book it is a rabbit. In my backyard it is a chicken.
X is to be named by ma frend.
My yardbirds should start laying as the days get longer!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Black Tuesday

  1. Today I gave my horse away.
  2. She'll have a good home, be used, and be loved.
I feel like crying.
I am crying.


Sunday, January 6, 2013


While I am waiting to register for my classes (I am eligible at midnight) I thought I would wander here and let the internet know what I have been up to...

Happy New Year!
It is now 2013 and a lot is changing in my life.
For starters, I will be going to Chico State starting at the end of this month.
Very exciting! ...also very expensive.
But worth it?

I am continuing with Tuesday's training, which I have no idea how I will afford since I might have to stop working at my current job since my schedule at Chico seems like it is going to be busy.

I am really thinking about going vegan. Right now I am doing my annual Daniel Fast (DF) to start off the year with deliberate choices and focusing on what is important. I also watched Get Vegucated on Netflix and realized I wanted to be a better steward of creation, and that making more vegan choices was a step in the right direction. While on the DF I have made some pretty good recipes, making me feel like going vegan would not be that difficult. I already have been vegetarian for 8 years...
I've made vegan alfredo sauce, red sauce, sweet potato ravioli, sopes, and have plenty of other recipes I'd like to try. I think the secret to vegan cooking is coconut milk...
Even if I do not go vegan, I want to start buying eggs from local coops rather than "free range" at the store. I also plan on making the most out of farmer's markets and craigslist postings.