Monday, March 16, 2015

March //

.. March .. 
Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with responsibilities.
And a lot of times they are self-imposed.
I signed up for these classes, these tasks, these relationships.
Sometimes it feels like the room is getting smaller and time is going faster and I haven't seen, and I mean really seen, the stars or felt the wind in my hair and all I have time for is a shower and barely remember to feed Duke and put the chooks to bed.
So, when time seems to slow.
When I get to take in the beauty of a moment, slowly with intention,
like sunset's colors spilling into your kitchen, calling you outside, 
like a lull in conversation where you and your company are fully enjoying the sound of the fire,
like the smell of smoke lingering, reminding you of the summers of youth.
I'm filled.
Filled with joy and thankfulness and gratitude and feel refreshed.

My car is in the shop.
I'm on my bike for the next few days.
I like it.

In the hush of the deep, night wraps
herself around me like a blanket.
We whisper of things to come,
in and out of dreaming.
I talk of cutting my hair but
she insists I leave it be,
leave it to grow.
Still I wonder what it would feel like
to have bare shoulders.
Vulnerable perhaps, but better yet
Does growth only come with time, or
can it come suddenly
dragging me out to sea like a riptide?
Either way, the moon is the moon and I am not.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

International Women's Day

Listening to a lot of Bikini Kill on this lovely spring-like day.

You do have rights.
You are worthy.
You are strong.
You deserve to be heard.

Down with double standards.
Down with beauty being defined by opposite-sex appeal.
Down with gender roles.
Down with the patriarchy.