Sunday, January 6, 2013


While I am waiting to register for my classes (I am eligible at midnight) I thought I would wander here and let the internet know what I have been up to...

Happy New Year!
It is now 2013 and a lot is changing in my life.
For starters, I will be going to Chico State starting at the end of this month.
Very exciting! ...also very expensive.
But worth it?

I am continuing with Tuesday's training, which I have no idea how I will afford since I might have to stop working at my current job since my schedule at Chico seems like it is going to be busy.

I am really thinking about going vegan. Right now I am doing my annual Daniel Fast (DF) to start off the year with deliberate choices and focusing on what is important. I also watched Get Vegucated on Netflix and realized I wanted to be a better steward of creation, and that making more vegan choices was a step in the right direction. While on the DF I have made some pretty good recipes, making me feel like going vegan would not be that difficult. I already have been vegetarian for 8 years...
I've made vegan alfredo sauce, red sauce, sweet potato ravioli, sopes, and have plenty of other recipes I'd like to try. I think the secret to vegan cooking is coconut milk...
Even if I do not go vegan, I want to start buying eggs from local coops rather than "free range" at the store. I also plan on making the most out of farmer's markets and craigslist postings.

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