Friday, December 28, 2012

Allie is a ham, but Monterey was fun.

The ocean is a wonderful place.
The air is cooler, the sky is cleaner, and the breeze is something you wish would fill your whole being.
I ditched my family and walked Point Lobos solo to clear my mind and found peace.
The sunshine was that hazy daydream glow, almost like golden hour but at noon.
It felt like I was wandering a path made just for me.
The wild flowers were dead, but the remains were lit up and glowing.
The ocean was lulling and calming in the background, but then roaring when the trees faded away.
Oh! the trees! The limbs were mangled and worn like old sailors.
It is amazing to think of the things they have seen.
The old whalers coming in from a long bout with huge sea creatures.
Imagining how brave the early explorers had to have been to wander through unknown places with no guarantee is nuts.

Today I am going to see my horse, take some pictures of the Westmorelands, and sew a horse on a stick for Josh's nephew.

I can't wait for Fort Bragg!
I want to be a cattle driver just to ride in hilly pastures.
Chico starts soon, ahhhh
not forgetting my tripod

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