Monday, January 23, 2012

hate mail

So I got a hate email from my crazy ex-stepfather.
The dummy had the same number sufix in the made-up email as his regular one, plus he had already written me emails about my writing.
It really bugs him apparently.
I won't actually send him the email, but I thought someone should enjoy this...
(I really did send a PETA kit to him though, just to let him know he wasn't clever.)

Awwwh Mr. Jon Davis (the cover name),

First off: thanks for reading my articles!

Second off: I do hope that this deep bitterness, darling, that this 'friend' of yours has caused you has not hindered your personal growth (so much to the extent that you attack intern reporters!) or walk with Jesus too drastically. It pains me, dearest Mr. Davis, that you would allow someone so much power over you that you allow their actions to have such long lasting damage on your being. Perhaps you should let it go?
I never knew a 'Jon Davis', but do hope that you enable yourself, sweetie, to move on from your past pains and step into the glorious life that is found in true Grace.
I do not hold my head high, for pride dost come before the fall, does it not? I will be looking out for ladders, thank you so much! And THANK YOU again for your actual reading of my article. I wasn't sure anyone actually read them! Your feedback is so greatly appreciated:)


In reply to:

"Stop Writing to The Ambassador

Really, what do you know about God. If you want to serve God then walk the walk Elisabeth. I am a past friend that you treated poorly. If you want to write articles to this fine newspaper then don't be fake in your walk. And hold your head high so as to not walk into another ladder.

Show some Grace to people, not judgement.


He also has a PETA Vegetarian Starter Kit coming in the mail...
Here's to YOU 'Jon Davis' ;)

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