Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Ides of March have gone...

What a beautiful break in the otherwise stormy week.
Spring break is half over.
I work everyday, from last Thursday till next Wednesday.

But I like my jobs.
I can't wait for a break to get some photographing done.
I like the new lens, I need to clean it and practice fine tuning the focus...

I need to write my pen pals, and the lovely Chels
blue skies
I miss the sun
summer camp
I miss Frend
I miss worship
to-do lists

Oh! I recently thrifted (well, flea market-ed) a swing record...
I really like it. I have a feeling I was born in the wrong era.

film camera obsession
love of one-speed bikes
preference for black and white movies
closet full of skirts and dresses
secret crush on a Mr. Bogart
love of handwritten letters

I rest my case.

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