Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Hit like a girl.
Play like a girl.
Cry like a girl.

I am a girl, and damn proud of it.

Why should I let anyone dictate how I feel about myself?
How does my gender make me a second-class citizen who does not deserve the right to make my own decisions?

The harder the right pushes, the further I lean left.
But more than that;
It's not about a party,
It's about respect.

I respect life, so I expect the same from everyone.

I'm calling YOU out, Skin clothing and your logo.
I'm calling YOU ALL out;
strip clubs, car magazines, beer advertisements, college pamphlet makers, clothing designers, People magazine, men who stare at women, women who enable men to stare at women...

I want to be taken seriously.
I don't want that "how cute are you??" pat on the head.
I want respect.

I don't want to hear songs about strippers, and then have my little sister hope her boyfriend feels the same way. I don't want women to be glamorized solely for sex. We are strong and intelligent. We don't have to be stay at home moms, though we make damn good ones. We can be anything we want to be.

I am ranting, but I'm pissed.
Also too tired to compress the rage into a solid argument.

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