Sunday, October 7, 2012

Listening to a lot of Daughter lately...

I can't forget it, though I try
I know you regret it, love.

I still wonder why.

Oooo, haunting.

Take your hands off him,
he is the only one I have ever loved.
Please don't find her skin.

I can't erase it from my mind.
I just replay it, love.
Think of it all of the time.

This weekend was great.
Took the kids to the park.
We played soccer with my dog, ate pizza, and enjoyed the cool weather.
Tough job, huh?
Then Josh took me to the "mountains" for a relaxing date night.

Next time I'm bringing my tripod.
This is about a minute long exposure with the highest ISO setting on my camera and on B.
I want my camera to capture what I see, and this isn't cutting it...
But still.

Thank you.
so much pizza this weekend
good music
good vibes
thrifted flannel
hot green tea with mint and rosemary
in my next life I want a rescued husky mix

that is all.

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