Saturday, January 31, 2015


Life is weird. 
Things just flow, and flow, and flow.
I'm super grateful for the people in my life. For family and friends, new and old. 
I'm thankful for my jobs, my little house, my pets.
I'm thankful for access to nature and free organic produce.
I'm thankful for sunshine and the smell of hay on the breath of my favorite horse; thankful to watch Duke smile as he runs alongside me and the Mule.
I'm overwhelmed sometimes.
Overwhelmed with thanks and homework and love 
and by the smell of early spring; the smell of each individual 
blade of grass worshiping and adoring.
Overwhelmed by the beauty of clicking and swooping bats at the barn, 
by the grace in such little movements.
I'm full of so much warmth.
Life is kind.

new growth
the oh hellos
mix CDs
butternut curry soup
slow Saturdays
being awake
spring, in her truest form

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