Sunday, October 9, 2011

the weekend of Flats.

You'd think I wore more jewlery than just my daily-worn locket.

She doesn't smile. But I love her.

I rode my bike to the Buttes Saturday, because I am anti-social and have nothing better to do.
That little voice in my head said, 'hey, you should go home... what if you got a flat out here?'
So naturally I did the mature thing, since I am an adult and a lady;
I shrugged it off and kept going.
WAAAAAAY out in the middle of nowhere, my rear tire dramatically gives up on life.
Only then do I think back to the nudge of a warning I was given.
Now what?
I go through the list of possible saviors.
My mom was working.
My grandparents were out of town.
My friends weren't picking up their phones or were out of town or didn't know how to find me.
Boy was working.
Sister didn't have the key to my car.
Sister's friends all are busy.
Luckily the Boy had a friend rescue me, and by 'friend' I mean hillbilly bumpkin driving a ridiculous truck.
sigh, thank you hillbilly bumpkin, thank you and your ridiculous truck.

I made them cookies, and set the smoke alarm off. I don't think they burned too bad though...

film pictures all weekend.
new camera though.

Poor bike.
I've been cursing a lot less like the pirate I was last month.
Relient K resurgence!
I'm hungry.
I love my new camera, can't wait to show it to my photo professor (a vintage slr; a Ricoh KR-5).
church was good, I love Pastor David.

Breathing in, breathing out;
I'm alive again.

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