Monday, May 21, 2012


I am officially done with my spring 2012 semester.
Cover your ears, kids and grandma;
F*ck, yeah!

Man was I ready to be done!

I went horse back riding this weekend and am in love.
My horse's name is Troy, as in Troy from High School Musical.
Cute/embarassing, but whatever.
He is gracious to me.
I am so thankful for the opportunity!
Turns out the owner is a Christian and has a lot of the same sentiments as I do.
I feel really good about the whole thing.
Thanks, Yahweh.
Sunday we went to a clinic to learn bridle-less riding.
I hope to go without a bit eventually.
Seriously, I am so happy to have a horse in my life finally.

I feel really good about my major being Agriculture, too.

35mm COLOR (yes!) film
dropped digital photo
Josh coming home
I love MY dogs
Troy, my new love

Goals for this season;
clean and gut my room of clutter and excess
garage sale with purpose
create and re-purpose
thrift often
clean closet of clothes too small, out of date, or outlandish
ride often, learn much

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